Beachfront Duplex at 3007 The Strand Sells for $8,200,000

The big home sale of the month in Hermosa Beach was a vintage beach duplex that just recently closed at $8,200,000.  The north sand section location doesn’t get much better as this is a less crowded section of the Strand and beach and has a bit more of a neighborhood feel than further south.

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3007 The Strand, Hermosa Beach CA 90254

Hermosa Real Estate Review – August Home Sales And Property Prices

Hermosa Beach Home Sales in August 2021

Welcome to the real estate recap in Hermosa Beach for August 2021 .  It was another incredible month for home sales in this beautiful beach town with a fairly stunning 34 on market home sales! The average list price was $2,470,823 with the average “sold” price of $2,476,205. Homes averaged only 33 days on market before going into escrow. The big sale of the month was a beachfront duplex at 3007 The Strand that closed escrow at $8,200,000. See how this compares with other months on our Hermosa Beach real estate trends and statisics page.

Hermosa Beach August 2021 Home Sales

Type AddressPrice$ Per FootBed/BathSq FeetYearSold Date
TWNHS/A33510th ST$1,415,000$884.382/2,0,0,01600/A1991/ASR8/11/2021
SFR/D526Longfellow AVE$1,700,000$1,060.513/2,0,0,01603/A1948/PUB8/19/2021
SFR/D501Gould AVE$1,749,000$1,799.383/1,0,0,0972/A1952/ASR8/24/2021
TWNHS/A42911th ST$1,980,000$1,093.923/3,0,0,01810/A2008/ASR8/25/2021
TWNHS/D429Bayview DR$2,325,000$1,162.503/3,0,1,02000/A1988/ASR8/27/2021
DPLX/D4110th ST$2,350,000$872.314/2,0,0,32694/A1913/ASR8/26/2021
TWNHS/A1104Loma Dr$2,700,000$1,111.113/1,2,1,02430/B2021/BLD8/18/2021
TPLX/D13830th ST$2,800,000$1,375.253/3,0,0,02036/A1954/ASR8/12/2021
SFR/D341Monterey BLVD$2,800,000$1,260.134/2,1,1,02222/A1993/ASR8/27/2021
TWNHS/D4315th CT$2,950,000$1,534.063/3,0,1,01923/E2007/ASR8/31/2021
SFR/D136Neptune AVE$3,190,000$2,068.743/2,0,0,01542/A1967/ASR8/17/2021
SFR/D33927th ST$3,450,000$1,000.295/3,0,1,03449/A2016/SLR8/11/2021
SFR/D1819Monterey BLVD$3,550,000$1,479.174/4,0,1,02400/A2016/ASR8/17/2021
SFR/D204th ST$4,021,875$1,744.853/1,1,1,02305/A1996/ASR8/26/2021
SFR/D54024th PL$4,300,000$1,220.555/3,1,1,03523/AP1983/ASR8/4/2021
DPLX/D3007The Strand$8,200,000$3,277.384/3,0,0,02502/A1910/ASR8/6/2021
CONDO/A2411Prospect AVE #306$590,000$984.971/1,0,0,0599/A1972/ASR8/18/2021
CONDO/D1600Ardmore AVE #425$1,215,000$1,134.452/2,0,0,01071/A1970/ASR8/10/2021
TWNHS/A6206th ST$1,762,500$724.714/3,0,1,02432/A1989/ASR8/9/2021
TWNHS/D6112nd ST$1,915,000$867.304/3,0,0,02208/A2000/ASR8/26/2021
TWNHS/D7071st PL$2,250,000$896.414/4,0,0,02510/A2015/ASR8/31/2021
SFR/D70724th PL$2,900,000$2,141.803/2,0,0,01354/A1952/PUB8/6/2021
TWNHS/A8521st ST$950,000$719.152/2,0,0,01321/A1978/ASR8/11/2021
SFR/D12057th PL$1,389,375$850.293/1,0,1,01634/A1958/ASR8/6/2021
SFR/D12517th PL$1,691,000$946.813/2,0,1,01786/A1963/ASR8/16/2021
SFR/D10224th ST$1,700,000$836.613/2,0,0,02032/A1984/ASR8/3/2021
SFR/D2031Prospect AVE$1,825,000$1,073.533/2,0,0,01700/A1968/ASR8/4/2021
SFR/D1315Owosso AVE$1,950,000$1,461.773/2,1,0,01334/A1946/ASR8/2/2021
SFR/D2030Prospect AVE$1,955,000$1,011.903/3,0,0,01932/A1953/ASR8/20/2021
SFR/D11017th ST$1,975,000$1,157.003/2,0,0,01707/A1959/ASR8/9/2021
TWNHS/D414Ocean View AVE$2,222,222$914.493/3,0,0,02430/A2005/ASR8/25/2021
TWNHS/D9465th ST$2,225,000$809.093/3,0,1,02750/B2000/BLD8/30/2021
SFR/D12309th ST$3,850,000$828.855/6,0,1,04645/B2021/BLD8/20/2021

New Beachfront Listing Hits the Market at 8 The Strand Hermosa Beach

8 The Strand, Hermosa Beach CA 90254

Beachfront home listed for $5,149,000

If you’re looking for a beachfront home in the Hermosa Beach and have been chased away by the 8 figure prices, 8 The Strand might be something to consider. 

The newest listing on the fairly crowded beachfront home market on the Hermosa Beach Strand is also considerably less expensive than any other current listing.  8 The Strand is at the very beginning of The Strand in Hermosa the location and lot size makes for a very different price point than other beachfront homes. 

Listed at $5, 149,000 the home is in pretty original condition and offers 2 bedrooms, 2 baths and over 2,000+ square feet on a 2,545 foot lot with approximately 30 feet of beach frontage.  Normally this would be a lot sale to a builder but the new construction Strand market has been pretty slow so we’ll have to wait and see if a builder scoops this up.  One of the challenges with location (if you can say a beachfront home has location challenges) is that this is the 2nd home from the end of the Strand putting it pretty close to some less desirable spots (beach parking lot, AES power plant, etc) but the views and steps to the sand are hard not to love.  View all of the homes for sale on The Strand in Hermosa Beach.


8 The Strand, Hermosa Beach Listed for $5,149,000

Listing courtesy of Michael Pennings – Re/Max Estate Properties

The 90210 Beach House Hits the Market

3500 The Strand, Hermosa Beach CA

If you were born in the 70s you probably recognize the latest addition to  the Strand market in Hermosa Beach.  Its a cultural site for those of us  who watched the original Beverly Hills 90210 house.  In reality it’s a triplex on 3 levels. We saw 3500 The Strand on the market in 2019 listed for $16,500,000 but now it’s back at a more attractive price. Just listed once again is the iconic 3500 The Strand. It’s a very unusual location for the Strand as it’s last house before Hermosa becomes Manhattan. That wouldn’t mean all that much except for the fact that the Hermosa Strand is quite a bit further on the beach than Manhattan so this is basically a corner lot offering great views from 2 of four sides. Another aspect that makes this home pretty unique is that it’s famous! This was the house that the kids on the original Beverly Hills 90210 spent their summers. Those of us born in the 70s know it well!

As rare as these oceanfront home sales are, this is definitely not the only oceanfront home. Check out all of the oceanfront homes currently for sale on The Strand in Manhattan Beach and Hermosa Beach


3500 The Strand, Hermosa Beach – Priced at $13,990,000

Listing courtesy of Bryn Stroyke – Stroyke Properties Group

Beachfront Home at 2426 The Strand Quietly Sells After Being Pulled off of the Market

Big Sale in Hermosa - 2426 The Strand closes at $12,000,000

The home at 2426 The Strand had been on the market for quite a while and at a variety of different listing prices when pulled off of the market in June. It had been on the market for 365 days and given the original asking price of $19,250,000….wasn’t likely going to sell too quickly. The location was great and the home was nice enough but definitely not anywhere near the almost $20M price point. After several price reductions….eventually down to $12,795,000 it was pulled off of the market. Not too long after it quietly sold off market for the price of $12,000,000 which is still a very impressive number. The property offered a 4 bedroom, 4 bath main home with finished basement plus a detached guest house above the garage. This created a private oasis in between the homes that included a patio and pool area.

Beachfront Strand Home Goes Pending – 3001 The Strand Hermosa Beach

Pending home sale at 3001 The Strand - Beachfront in Hermosa

This has been a home we’ve talked about for quite a while.  Originally listed in 2016 it’s been on and off the market a number of times with several significant price reductions along the way.  After almost 4 years, the home at 3001 The Strand in north Hermosa Beach  has finally gone into escrow.   It was originally  priced at  $22,900,000.  The current list price is $15,900,000.
Listing courtesy of Katelyn Byrd – Coldwell Banker Realty