Hermosa Beach Real Estate Recap – August at a Glance

Let’s take a quick look at the August 2021 real estate market in Hermosa Beach….by the numbers.

It was a fantastic both in terms of the number of homes that sold and the prices. There were an impressive 34 on market home sales with a median “sold” price of $2,224,000. Homes averaged only 26 days on market before going into escrow.  Take a look at all of the homes, townhomes and condos that sold in Hermosa Beach during the month.

See how this compares with other months on our Hermosa Beach real estate trends and statisics page.

Just Sold in Neighboring Manhattan Beach – 3612 Alma Closes at $2,675,000

While it may not be in Hermosa, we’re thrilled to announce our latest closed escrow in nearby Manhattan.  We are proud to announce our latest home sale in the sand section of Manhattan BeachKeith Kyle of Vista Sotheby’s Internationalrepresented both the buyer and the sellers and can’t thank them enough for putting their trust in us.  Visit 3612Alma.com for photos, videos and to see how we present and market the homes that we sell.

  • 4 bedrooms
  • 4 bathrooms
  • 2,510 square feet
  • Built in 2006
  • Parking for 5 cars

3612 Alma, Manhattan Beach CA – Sold for $2,675,000

3612 Alma was an ocean view 4 bed 4 bath home that offered it all. Beautifully updated and meticulously maintained ocean view townhome in the sand section felt like a single-family home. Offering unblockable views of the ocean, coastline and Santa Monica mountains from multiple levels, this impressive townhome features bright and spacious interior spaces with a flexible floorplan for every lifestyle.

The ground floor offers a large and adaptable bedroom perfect for home office, gym or separate quarters for friends and family with private patio, walk in closet and ensuite bath. The middle level features three bright and spacious bedrooms highlighted by the oversized master suite complete with private covered ocean view deck to enjoy summer sunsets and ocean breezes.

Head upstairs to be wowed with the open layout and fantastic views from every corner. Spacious open concept living with gleaming maple hardwood floors, oversized windows, Shade Store motorized shades, cozy stone fireplace and so much more. Gourmet kitchen opens to the living and dining rooms with Viking appliances, granite counters and beautiful cabinetry. Ideally located, the home is minutes from the beach and moments from the revitalized shopping and dining areas of North Manhattan. Complete with parking for 6 cars this home has it all. Upgrades include the recent addition of central air, home automation wired for lights, sound, security and more. Perfect location for commuters or use the 4th bedroom for your home office.  Contact listing agent Keith Kyle for more information

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Manhattan Beach MLS Listing

Beachfront Duplex at 3007 The Strand Sells for $8,200,000

The big home sale of the month in Hermosa Beach was a vintage beach duplex that just recently closed at $8,200,000.  The north sand section location doesn’t get much better as this is a less crowded section of the Strand and beach and has a bit more of a neighborhood feel than further south.

View all of the homes on the Hermosa Beach Strand.

3007 The Strand, Hermosa Beach CA 90254

Hermosa Real Estate Review – August Home Sales And Property Prices

Hermosa Beach Home Sales in August 2021

Welcome to the real estate recap in Hermosa Beach for August 2021 .  It was another incredible month for home sales in this beautiful beach town with a fairly stunning 34 on market home sales! The average list price was $2,470,823 with the average “sold” price of $2,476,205. Homes averaged only 33 days on market before going into escrow. The big sale of the month was a beachfront duplex at 3007 The Strand that closed escrow at $8,200,000. See how this compares with other months on our Hermosa Beach real estate trends and statisics page.

Hermosa Beach August 2021 Home Sales

Type AddressPrice$ Per FootBed/BathSq FeetYearSold Date
TWNHS/A33510th ST$1,415,000$884.382/2,0,0,01600/A1991/ASR8/11/2021
SFR/D526Longfellow AVE$1,700,000$1,060.513/2,0,0,01603/A1948/PUB8/19/2021
SFR/D501Gould AVE$1,749,000$1,799.383/1,0,0,0972/A1952/ASR8/24/2021
TWNHS/A42911th ST$1,980,000$1,093.923/3,0,0,01810/A2008/ASR8/25/2021
TWNHS/D429Bayview DR$2,325,000$1,162.503/3,0,1,02000/A1988/ASR8/27/2021
DPLX/D4110th ST$2,350,000$872.314/2,0,0,32694/A1913/ASR8/26/2021
TWNHS/A1104Loma Dr$2,700,000$1,111.113/1,2,1,02430/B2021/BLD8/18/2021
TPLX/D13830th ST$2,800,000$1,375.253/3,0,0,02036/A1954/ASR8/12/2021
SFR/D341Monterey BLVD$2,800,000$1,260.134/2,1,1,02222/A1993/ASR8/27/2021
TWNHS/D4315th CT$2,950,000$1,534.063/3,0,1,01923/E2007/ASR8/31/2021
SFR/D136Neptune AVE$3,190,000$2,068.743/2,0,0,01542/A1967/ASR8/17/2021
SFR/D33927th ST$3,450,000$1,000.295/3,0,1,03449/A2016/SLR8/11/2021
SFR/D1819Monterey BLVD$3,550,000$1,479.174/4,0,1,02400/A2016/ASR8/17/2021
SFR/D204th ST$4,021,875$1,744.853/1,1,1,02305/A1996/ASR8/26/2021
SFR/D54024th PL$4,300,000$1,220.555/3,1,1,03523/AP1983/ASR8/4/2021
DPLX/D3007The Strand$8,200,000$3,277.384/3,0,0,02502/A1910/ASR8/6/2021
CONDO/A2411Prospect AVE #306$590,000$984.971/1,0,0,0599/A1972/ASR8/18/2021
CONDO/D1600Ardmore AVE #425$1,215,000$1,134.452/2,0,0,01071/A1970/ASR8/10/2021
TWNHS/A6206th ST$1,762,500$724.714/3,0,1,02432/A1989/ASR8/9/2021
TWNHS/D6112nd ST$1,915,000$867.304/3,0,0,02208/A2000/ASR8/26/2021
TWNHS/D7071st PL$2,250,000$896.414/4,0,0,02510/A2015/ASR8/31/2021
SFR/D70724th PL$2,900,000$2,141.803/2,0,0,01354/A1952/PUB8/6/2021
TWNHS/A8521st ST$950,000$719.152/2,0,0,01321/A1978/ASR8/11/2021
SFR/D12057th PL$1,389,375$850.293/1,0,1,01634/A1958/ASR8/6/2021
SFR/D12517th PL$1,691,000$946.813/2,0,1,01786/A1963/ASR8/16/2021
SFR/D10224th ST$1,700,000$836.613/2,0,0,02032/A1984/ASR8/3/2021
SFR/D2031Prospect AVE$1,825,000$1,073.533/2,0,0,01700/A1968/ASR8/4/2021
SFR/D1315Owosso AVE$1,950,000$1,461.773/2,1,0,01334/A1946/ASR8/2/2021
SFR/D2030Prospect AVE$1,955,000$1,011.903/3,0,0,01932/A1953/ASR8/20/2021
SFR/D11017th ST$1,975,000$1,157.003/2,0,0,01707/A1959/ASR8/9/2021
TWNHS/D414Ocean View AVE$2,222,222$914.493/3,0,0,02430/A2005/ASR8/25/2021
TWNHS/D9465th ST$2,225,000$809.093/3,0,1,02750/B2000/BLD8/30/2021
SFR/D12309th ST$3,850,000$828.855/6,0,1,04645/B2021/BLD8/20/2021

Real Estate Market Update – Hermosa Beach Home Sales in July 2021

Take a look below at all of the homes that sold in Hermosa Beach during the month of July 2021.  It was another amazing month for the Hermosa Beach real estate market as demand just never seems to slow.  There were 20 total on market sales that closed with 11 homes in the sand section,  3 homes in the Hermosa “valley” section, and 6 home sales east of PCH,

The average “list” price was $2,309,000 and the average sold price was $2,334,000.

See how this compares with other months on our Hermosa Beach real estate trends page.

July 2021 Home Sales and Home Prices in Hermosa Beach

Type Address Price $ Per foot Bed/Bath Sq feet Year Date sold
CONDO/A 77 15th ST #1 $1,499,000 $1,115.33 3/3,0,0,0 1344/A 1972/ASR 7/20/2021
TWNHS/A 532 11th ST $1,620,000 $959.72 3/2,0,1,0 1688/A 1989/ASR 7/27/2021
SFR/D 448 28th ST $1,736,250 $1,152.89 3/2,0,0,0 1506/A 1948/ASR 7/30/2021
SFR/D 168 Hill ST $1,820,000 $746.82 3/2,0,2,0 2437/A 1976/PUB 7/1/2021
TWNHS/D 244 Manhattan AVE $1,995,000 $1,178.38 3/2,0,1,0 1693/OTH 1980/ASR 7/29/2021
DPLX/A 458 Longfellow AVE $2,100,000 $1,487.25 3/2,0,0,0 1412/A 1953/ASR 7/13/2021
TWNHS/D 158 Monterey BLVD $2,200,000 $1,235.96 3/2,0,1,0 1780/A 2013/ASR 7/28/2021
SFR/D 457 28th ST $2,340,000 $1,011.24 4/2,2,0,0 2314/A 1939/PUB 7/15/2021
SFR/D 221 31st ST $3,192,000 $1,748.08 3/2,0,1,0 1826/A 1978/ASR 7/30/2021
SFR/D 1947 Valley Park AVE $5,625,000 $1,247.78 5/4,0,1,0 4508/B 2021/ASR 7/20/2021
SFR/D 246 30th ST $6,682,500 $1,908.20 4/3,2,1,0 3502/A 2019/ASR 7/15/2021
CONDO/A 1707 Pacific Coast #120 $595,000 $898.79 1/1,0,0,0 662/A 1972/ASR 7/8/2021
TWNHS/A 727 9th ST $1,805,000 $805.44 3/2,0,1,0 2241/E 1990/ASR 7/14/2021
SFR/D 712 Longfellow AVE $2,250,000 $1,540.04 3/0,2,0,0 1461/A 1972/ASR 7/9/2021
CONDO/A 2411 Prospect AVE #103 $700,000 $809.25 2/2,0,0,0 865/A 1972/PUB 7/9/2021
SFR/D 906 3rd ST $1,530,000 $959.25 2/1,1,1,0 1595/D 1922/PUB 7/22/2021
TWNHS/D 1044 7th ST $1,925,000 $608.79 4/4,0,0,0 3162/AP 2004/ASR 7/7/2021
DPLX/D 978 5th ST $2,195,000 $1,039.79 4/2,0,0,0 2111/A 1948/ASR 7/13/2021
SFR/D 1119 9TH ST $2,280,000 $618.22 5/3,1,0,0 3688/A 1987/ASR 7/30/2021
SFR/D 900 15TH STREET $2,600,000 $917.76 3/3,1,0,0 2833/SEE 1990/SEE 7/30/2021