After 1,064 Days on Market 212 The Strand is In Escrow

While the number of days on market is definitely misleading, there’s no question that the beachfront home at 212 The Strand has been on the market for a while. 1,064 days on the market to be precise. That has finally changed as this new construction beachfront home in Hermosa is now in escrow. The reason the number is a bit misleading is that the builder/agent listed the home long before it was actually complete and was listed at a very optimistic $11,900,000 price at the time. It’s been through a number of price reductions, which seems to be the norm on the very slow beachfront luxury market, to it’s most recent price of $8,999,999. The home offers 5 Beds, 5.5 Baths, approximately 4,403 sqft on a 2,374 sqft lot. We’re not aware of the sales price so we’ll update that once sales info is released after close of escrow.  View all of the current beachfront homes and properties for sale on the Hermosa Beach Strand as well as the current homes for sale in the sand section.

212 The Strand, Hermosa Beach

It’s Hard to Believe But There Are Now 8 Beachfront Properties for Sale on the Strand

With a current median list price of over $11,000,000,  it’s not hard to see why beachfront homes on the Strand in Hermosa Beach don’t always tend to take a while to sell.  What’s amazing is that in years past there were long stretches with no homes for sale on the Strand. It’s fairly unheard of that we now have 8 homes for sale along the beachfront strip in this high end coastal community.   Take a look below at the beachfront homes for sale in Hermosa Beach as of 5/25/20.


Rare Beachfront Home on a Double Lot Just Listed – 2806 The Strand, Hermosa Beach

2806 The Strand hits the market listed at $18,995,000

Rare double lot beachfront home with over 6800 square feet

If you’ve ever walked or biked on The Strand, you’ve certainly noticed this one.  Not only is it significantly larger than most other beachfront homes nearby, it had long been painted a reddish hue and simply didn’t look like anything else at the beach.

 Priced at $18,995,000 the home at 2806 The Strand is one of the biggest beachfront homes built in all of the South Bay. Sitting on a double lot with incredible beach frontage, the home offers over 6,800 square feet* on a very impressive 5,318 square foot lot. Built in 2012, the home features 6 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms. One of the more impressive features is the roof deck providing another 1,000 sq feet of area*. What has made this home oft discussed around town is the architecture, layout and design. Custom built this definitely never had the look and feel of a beach house, but instead was designed as an Italian villa. The owners and current agents did a very nice job softening up the look a bit and gone is the red exterior and replaced with a white color scheme that definitely softens and mutes the original ornate stylings and design. Listed at $18,995,000 the home was on the market back in 2017 for a fairly staggering $25,000,000. While the future buyer will likely do a major remodel and update, there is great opportunity given the size of the home and lot and the north Hermosa location is absolutely ideal.

Photos, Details and Descriptions

Listing courtesty of Bryn Stroyke of Bayside

The Least Expensive Beachfront Home in Hermosa

12 The Strand, Hermosa Beach

Price Reduced - Now Listed for $5,100,000

It’s pretty rare to see a beachfront home for sale in Hermosa Beach in the mid $5,000,000 range but 12 The Strand just came back on the market after a few prior attempts.  It’s a pretty quirky home and is just about as far south as you can get in Hermosa which is why it’s priced where it is.  The home offers 3 bedrooms and 3 1/2 baths with just under 2,700 square feet (approximately….buyer to verify).  As the lots get a bit narrower in this location it’s slightly smaller than the standard lot at 2,552 sq feet (BTV)

Several Beachfront Strand Homes Coming on the Market in Hermosa Beach

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We’re getting word that several beachfront homes are coming to the market in the near future. At least 3 properties, all distinctly different, will be added to the already crowded beachfront market. Of the 3 we’ve heard of one is a corner lot that the owners had intended to build on (but may be changing their plans) the other is an older beach home in northern part of the Strand that will likely be a lot sale but could be rehabbed, and the other is an oversized home and lot that’s been on the market a few times in the past. It’s a challenge give the architecture and very personalized choices, but they’re recently painted to make the exterior look a little more fitting. Check back with us as we’ll be updating our site whenever the details of the homes are officially able to be released.

7 Beachfront Homes on The Market…..Wow!

It wasn’t all that long ago that a single beachfront home for sale on The Strand in Hermosa Beach was pretty rare. Oh how things have changed with 7 homes and properties currently for sale.  Combine that with another 5 homes for sale on the Manhattan Beach Strand and that’s a very high percentage of the total number of beachfront homes.

Current Homes for Sale in Hermosa Beach CA