Pending Sales in Hermosa WERE on the Rise and then……..

We were seeing a really nice increase in homes going under contract in Hermosa Beach which was a great sign.  Inventory has been tight and it was great to see the inventory and pending sales on the rise.  It went from 9 in December, to 15 in January, to 18 in February…..then we started to see the impacts of the shutdown.  Only 12 pending sales in March and as of today, 4/11  there are only 11.  Let’s hope that things turn around quickly when the world starts working again.

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March 2020 Hermosa Beach Home Sales and Home Prices

March was a busy month for home sales in the coastal community of Hermosa Beach. There were 20 on market home sales which is a very strong number for this small town. Median list price was $1,622,000 with the median sold price at $1,637,500 indicating a VERY strong sellers market. That may change with the current Corona virus impact but that’s yet to be seen. The average price per foot was a very high $1112 and average days on market was 84.

Those prices were all heavily impacted by an oceanfront home sale at 1534 The Strand which was listed just under $10,000,000 and closed for $8,700,000.


March 2020 Hermosa Beach Home Sales

Type AddressPrice$ Per FootBed/BathSq FeetYear BuiltSold Date
CONDO/A447Herondo ST   #106$870,000$622.322/1,1,0,01398/A1978/ASR3/24/2020
TWNHS/A501Herondo ST   #9$950,000$660.182/2,0,1,01439/A1987/ASR3/6/2020
SFR/D856Cypress AVE  $1,399,000$1,568.393/1,0,0,0892/AP1955/ASR3/17/2020
TWNHS/A447Manhattan AVE  $1,725,000$899.372/2,1,0,01918/A2010/ASR3/17/2020
SFR/D33726th ST  $2,500,000$1,594.393/2,0,0,01568/A1943/ASR3/6/2020
TWNHS/D50425th ST  $2,825,000$1,027.274/3,0,1,02750/A2015/PUB3/7/2020
TWNHS/A1705Manhattan AVE  $4,000,000$1,012.404/4,0,2,03951/B2019/BLD3/9/2020
SFR31526TH ST  $5,525,000$1,330.684/6,0,0,04152/OTH20193/19/2020
SFR1534The Strand   $8,700,000$3,097.194/1,4,0,02809/E 3/10/2020
CONDO/A1707Pacific Coast Hwy    #408$565,000$782.551/1,0,0,0722/A1972/ASR3/26/2020
CONDO/A1600Ardmore AVE   #334$569,000$937.401/1,0,0,0607/A1970/PUB3/13/2020
CONDO/A1600Ardmore AVE   #416$599,000$843.662/1,0,0,0710/A1970/ASR3/4/2020
TWNHS/D7082nd ST  $2,189,000$872.114/2,1,1,02510/A2015/ASR3/17/2020
SFR/D669Longfellow AVE  $3,135,000$1,043.964/4,0,1,03003/A2017/ASR3/11/2020
SFR/D120120th PL  $1,095,000$1,207.282/1,0,0,0907/A1956/ASR3/24/2020
SFR/D121120th ST  $1,230,000$946.153/2,0,0,01300/OTH1949/ASR3/13/2020
SFR/D11162nd ST  $1,295,000$1,234.513/1,0,1,01049/A1958/ASR3/27/2020
SFR/D11569th ST  $1,550,000$973.013/1,1,1,01593/A1954/ASR3/17/2020
SFR/D1401Corona ST  $2,645,000$859.054/3,0,2,03079/B2020/BLD3/15/2020
SFR/D1517Golden AVE  $2,705,000$738.065/2,2,0,03665/B2019/BLD3/3/2020

Big Ocean Views at 736 Gould #24 in Hermosa in Seaview Villas

736 Gould #24 - Oceanview Townhome for sale at $1,299,000

Although it doesn’t look like much from the street, the townhomes of Seaview Villas in Hermosa have some pretty stunning views. They sit on almost the highest point of the hill just below PCH and make for true vacation style living. While the homes are older, most have been remodeled. The home at #24 has certainly done some remodeling over the years….it’s still a bit dated but has a fresh beach feel. The home offers 3 bedrooms, 3 baths and just under 1,800 square feet. It’s currently priced at $1,299,000. View more information on the complex.

information on 736 Gould, Hermosa Beach CA 90254

**The listings above may be represented by other realtors. We are providing this information as a service to our clients.  Keith Kyle is a top producing realtor with Vista Sotheby’s International Realty

Real Estate Recap – January 2020 Hermosa Beach Home Sales and Prices

January was a fairly typical month for home sales in Hermosa Beach with 12 on market homes that sold.  The notable sale of the monthly was for a beachfront home at 22 The Strand which sold for $5,610,000 after several price reductions.  The median list price was $1,595,000 with a median sold price of $1,558 indicating a pretty solid sellers market.  The median price per foot was $958.77.

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January 2020 Home Sales in Hermosa Beach

Type   Address Price $ Per Foot Bed/Bath Sq Feet Year Sold Date
SFR/D 451 Longfellow AVE   $1,650,000 $1,059.05 2/2,0,0,0 1558/A 1959/PUB 1/24/2020
TWNHS/A 311 Culper CT   $1,845,000 $931.82 3/3,0,1,0 1980/A 2006/ASR 1/22/2020
TWNHS/A 121 2nd ST   $3,085,000 $1,181.99 4/4,0,1,0 2610/D 2019/BLD 1/17/2020
SFR/D 22 The Strand    $5,610,000 $1,558.33 4/3,1,1,0 3600/A 2001/ASR 1/13/2020
CONDO/A 736 Gould AVE   #19 $1,300,000 $707.68 3/3,0,0,0 1837/P 1980/PUB 1/10/2020
SFR/D 722 8th PL   $1,500,000 $919.68 3/2,0,0,0 1631/A 1974/ASR 1/7/2020
TWNHS/D 653 11th ST   $1,862,500 $633.93 4/3,0,1,0 2938/A 1999/PUB 1/24/2020
SFR/D 661 25th ST   $4,400,000 $845.67 5/5,0,1,0 5203/B 2019/BLD 1/3/2020
SFR/D 719 24th PL   $4,725,000 $1,030.53 5/5,0,3,0 4585/A 2019/SLR 1/31/2020
SFR/D 1015 2nd ST   $1,000,000 $958.77 3/2,0,0,0 1043/A 1954/ASR 1/9/2020
SFR/D 1836 Hillcrest DR   $1,050,000 $1,113.47 2/1,0,0,0 943/A 1954/PUB 1/7/2020
SFR/D 1011 Owosso AVE   $1,459,888 $997.87 2/2,0,0,0 1463/A 1948/ASR 1/14/2020

No Shortage of Luxury Townhomes for Sale in Hermosa Beach

There’s been no shortage of newer high end construction of townhomes in Hermosa.  More liberal zoning compared with neighboring Manhattan Beach, means that many older single family homes or duplexes have been torn down to make way for luxury townhomes. We’ve seen quite a few homes come on the MLS lately as the market has cooled a bit.  Prices range considerably based on the location, views and size but there are ample opportunities for new construction in Hermosa Beach

Current Townhomes for Sale in Hermosa Beach CA